How To Become A Sugar Baby Without Meeting?

It goes without saying that being a sugar baby is a lot easier than wiping down tables, flipping burgers, serving salsa and chips, and dealing with customers. Dating with a sugar daddy is undoubtedly an easier way to stay financially stable while you pursue expensive cosmetics, lady bags, jewelry necklace,pay tuition in a large city and look for opportunities of career growth.

Online Only Sugar Baby

Having said that, not every man or girl wants to meet their sugar partner in the real world. There are several reasons for that, some of which include:

1. They may fear of friends or peers knowing that you are seeking sugar relationship.

2. Some sugar daddies have families of their own, they just want discreet, secret arrangement.

3. Your sugar daddy or sugar baby lives in another city. They don't want to travel long distances for a relationship.

For these men and women, online-only sugar dating is a great way to get what they want. The rules of the arrangement are very similar in the virtual world too - sugar babies would either be paid a monthly allowance or given an amount every time they meet virtually.

How Does Online Only Sugar Dating Work?

As an online-only sugar baby, you would certainly not be invited for dinner dates or wine dates. Furthermore, you would not be asked to accompany your sugar daddy on vacations to exotic holiday destinations. However, there are a few men who would invite their sugar babies on a vacation once or twice a year, You should be prepared for these special situations.

In most cases, as an online-only sugar baby, you would be asked to speak with him over phone calls or have a video chat. In exchange for this, you would be paid an allowance that is mutually agreed upon.

What About physical Intimacy?

It has been observed that over half of sugar daddy - sugar baby relationships are platonic, which means there is absolutely no physical intimacy involved. Therefore, you may be able to succeed in sugar dating without having sex with your partner.

Nevertheless, some sugar daddies might ask for a sex chat over phone or a video call. While you would be compensated, it is advised you refrain from doing so, unless you know the person really well. Alternatively, you could make it clear to your sugar daddy that physical intimacy would not be part of your arrangement.

How To Become An Online-Only Sugar Baby?

Well, the route to becoming a online sugar baby remains the same, which starts finding a partner on a sugar daddy dating website. You would have to create an online profile and upload your photos. You might also need to make the most of the website’s search options to find a like-minded partner. You could also explicitly mention that you are a online only sugar baby and you will not meet someone offline.

Online sugar dating has become a raging trend in recent years, as more and more people look to keep their relationship discreet and hidden from their real life, especially their family. With the right approach to online sugar dating, you could certainly succeed at this and create a steady source of income for yourself.