How to Choose The Kind of Sugar Daddy You Like

We know that sugar daddy dating can be immensely rewarding, provided you land the right sugar daddy. Sugar babies across the globe have different kinds of expectations from their partners. While some only want them to pay for living expenses while in college, others wish to go beyond that and be compensated with expensive gifts, designer wear, fancy dinners and exotic vacations.

Sugar Daddy

Depending on the type of person you are, it is of paramount importance that you choose the right person who compensates you fairly and does not prove to be overwhelming. On the other hand, expectations of sugar daddies are not the same across the board. While searching for a sugar daddy online, you might want to take a closer look at the prospect’s expectations before engaging with them.

In this article, we look at the different needs and wants of sugar daddies so you find it easier to choose someone who fits the bill.

Sugar Daddy #1: The Weekend Companion

They prefer taking their partners on movie or dinner dates and compensate them for each meeting. These men are extremely busy and seldom stick to a fixed schedule. If you are dating a person of this kind, it is important you do not give excuses when asked to hang out. Allowances in this case are fixed and there are generally no surprises when it comes to expectations from each other.

Sugar Daddy #2: The Business Traveller

Sugar daddies who frequently travel for business prefer having a sugar baby in most cities they visit. They might invite you to their hotel for a sleepover or extend their stay for a couple of days to spend more time with you. It is advised you make yourself available whenever he is visiting your city. It is worth mentioning that you would not be able to earn a lot in this case as your allowance depends on how often you meet him.

Sugar Daddy #3: The Retired Rich Man

He would either be single, divorced or widowed and seek the company of a younger woman to fill a void that exists in his retired life. While physical intimacy is not a crucial component of the relationship, being open to sex would certainly reflect in your allowance. On the other hand, these sugar daddies often live in luxurious properties and may ask you to move in for as long as you plan on living in the city.

Sugar Daddy #4: The Staycation Sugar Daddy

Some sugar daddies are married and have children too. However, due to various reasons they aren’t happy with their partners and seek the company of a younger woman to spice up their lives. In order to maintain secrecy, they prefer taking their partners on exotic vacations and spending quality time with them. These holidays are often planned weeks in advance and sugar daddies pay handsomely in exchange for their partner’s time.