Common Mistakes Made By Newbie Sugar Babies

The beginning of sugar baby dating is really exciting but many newbies forget that it is a tricky terrain to conquer. Knowing how to navigate is crucial to succeeding as a sugar baby. We all know that successful sugar babies wear confidence on their sleeves and never hesitate in asking for what they deserve. At the same time, sugar babies are quite vulnerable and run the risk of falling prey to fake sugar daddies.

Newbie Sugar Baby

In this article, we dive into some of the most common pitfalls that newbie sugar babies fall into. Spot them early if you wish to make your life sweeter by finding a perfect sugar daddy.

Delivering Before Receiving

The one makes it to the top on our list because it is the most common mistake sugar babies make. Many aspiring sugar babies get carried away and immediately start giving what he wants. Keep your conversations short and decline frequent dates until he is committed to the arrangement. Always remember, your time is not free and he should never think otherwise.

All The Eggs in A Single Basket

Try connecting with more potential sugar daddies until you have found yourself a great arrangement. A ‘potential’ sugar daddy does not owe you anything no matter how promising he sounds. Do not abandon your search for the perfect companion, just to pursue one individual. It is advised to keep your options open and cast a wider net through dating sites.

Not Knowing When To Let Go

Sugar daddies are on the lookout for options, just like you are. If you have been on multiple dates and he has not spoken about allowances or taking the arrangement further - it is time to cut him loose. According to real sugar babies, most sugar babies talk about the arrangement and allowances during the second or third date.

Failing To Define Your Terms

Sugar daddy or sugar baby dating is a mutual agreement. Therefore, it is crucial that you define your terms in the beginning of a relationship. If you are expecting a $500 allowance for each date, let him know. On the other hand, if you would like to be compensated with fancy dinners and gifts, you can let him know that too.

Undermining Your Self-worth

This is another mistake that most sugar babies make and it is easily avoidable. Remember, the allowance you receive is not a handout but a compensation for the services you offer. Do not fear coming off as greedy while asking for a compensation that is helping you stay afloat. Selling yourself short isn’t really an option when you are dealing with a shrewd businessperson.

Above are some common mistakes made by a newbie sugar baby who is just stepping into the sugar dating. While sugar dating sites are a great place to search for potential sugar daddies, it is worth bearing in mind that scammers join these sites too. Always look for red flags before you decide to commit to an arrangement with a sugar daddy online. It would be great if you can meet him a few times before you zero-in on him.